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Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
trade in the world. >> host: another viewer wants more from you on healthcare. how does gary johnson feel about obamacare? what is your reaction to this and the supreme court ruling. >> guest: a good example of what we need when it comes to healthcare is free market approaches to health care, and health care in this country is about as far removed from free market as it possibly could be. government restricts the choices we have available to us. there's no advertised pricing. when this whole debate and discussion started up over healthcare, i would not have health insurance to cover myself for ongoing medical need. i would have health insurance to cover myself for catastrophic injury and illness, and i would pay as you good in a system that was very, very competitive. where i had a myriad of choices that it don't have today because of laws that restrict the availability of choices, but that i would have many, many choices when it came to drugs, and that i make these choices, and that the government doesn't make these choices. when the whole debate and discussion started up about heal
Oct 6, 2012 11:00am EDT
that done fast, healthcare was next in line. certainly health care was politically difficult. it is not clear if he had been talking about jobs it would have been a lot better. the fundamental problem was he passed a jobs bill and jobs were disappearing. if he had been out there saying we need more stimulus people would have said you just passed stimulus and it didn't work which they said any way you got more stimulus by not talking about it and working quietly through congress. the question of why didn't he -- david axelrod had a question similar to your second part. which is i think one question a lot of us have about obama is his campaign in 2008 broke all the rules. giving speeches in a stadium and blowing off democratic interest groups who invite him to debate. john kerri wanted to endorse him and he said no. he is on the internet and social media and all this crazy stuff nobody had ever done before. i said to david axelrod i don't have a better idea for how he could have done this. why didn't you break the rules in washington and david axelrod's answer is because it is washing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2